Aug 15 • 5M

Flow State Episode 190

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Good morning.

Today’s mix opens with two piano tracks from Kyoto-based composer Chino Yoshio, a recent discovery. We move onto contemporary ambient music from GAS, Corntuth, and The Inventors of Aircraft (via A Closer Listen). We revisit a Hans Zimmer cue from The Thin Red Line, which Christopher Nolan recently called “the forbidden cue”: whenever another filmmaker used it as temp music, they found it to be irreplaceable and inevitably left it in the final cut. We then excerpt two tracks from Sulah Jordan’s promising debut EP, Lady Bug, and pair them with instrumentals from Air and Nine Inch Nails. There’s some electronic music toward the end, including footwork from DJ Manny and drum n bass from Goldie et al. We wrap with a swift performance of a Beethoven piano sonata by our repeat recommendee Alice Sara Ott. We hope you enjoy.

0:00:00 - Chino Yoshio - The Letter to You (Vintage Version)

0:02:07 - Chino Yoshio - 193193 Sleep (Pure Soft Version)

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