Yann Tiersen

Today we have a guest recommendation from Sarah Allen, who’s from South Carolina but lives with her wife, stepson and Siamese cats Atticus and Kevin in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is a researcher for the government and likes making ceramics.

I discovered Yann Tiersen when I watched and fell in love with the 2001 film Amélie directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I love the whimsical melodies and how the music makes me feel nostalgic for tiny cobblestone streets and magical encounters. Tiersen’s new album Kerber (Aug. 2021) is what I wrote in to recommend though. Tiersen describes it as “a beautifully textured, highly immersive and thoughtfully constructed electronic world to step inside of.” It’s inspired by his time on the island of Ushant off the northern coast of France. When I listen I hear echos of that first album I loved mixed with rolling fog, salty waves, and rustling pines. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Kerber - Yann Tiersen (50m, occasional, very subtle vocals)
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Amélie (OST) - Yann Tiersen (60m, no vocals)
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