September 27, 2019

Mad Miran

Good morning.

It’s Friday so we’re listening to something more upbeat. We’re playing sets from Mad Miran, a Dutch DJ based in Rotterdam. Her DJ style is an amazing blend of new sounds, personal expression, and club energy. We’re playing her sets at Strange Sounds from Beyond, a “cross-spectrum” music festival thrown annually in Amsterdam. Her 2019 set inspired the Flow State office tremendously. We know y’all need new ideas today. Mad Miran can help you.

Mad Miran @ Strange Sounds From Beyond 2019 (60m, 🗣 vocal samples starting at 14m) SoundCloud

Mad Miran @ Strange Sounds From Beyond 2018 (70m, 🗣 buncha vocal samples) SoundCloud

Btw if you didn’t see yesterday, we want to know how likely you are to recommend Flow State to a friend on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being very likely). Just reply to this email with a number.

Have the best Friday and the best weekend. Let us know if you find any good working music.

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