September 26, 2019

Tangerine Dream

Good morning.

Today we're listening to Tangerine Dream, specifically their soundtracks. Thanks to Carolyn for the recommendation. Tangerine Dream is a German electronic group formed in 1967 by Edgar Froese, who fronted the band's rotating cast until his death in 2015. They recognized before anyone how synths can create rhythms and atmospheres. We're first playing Deadly Care, a soundtrack to an overlooked 1987 TV movie. We’re also playing Risky Business and Legend, which despite being more recognizable movies are very hard to find soundtracks. Kudos to Carolyn for providing the YouTube playlist links.

Deadly Care OST by Tangerine Dream (30m) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Google Play / Tidal

Risky Business OST by Tangerine Dream (30m) YouTube

Legend OST by Tangerine Dream (40m) YouTube

Btw, on a scale from 1 to 10, what are the chances you recommend Flow State to a friend? 10 being most likely. Just reply with your answer (1-10).

We're asking this because we want to understand what you like about Flow State, and what could be better. If your answer isn't 10, tell us what would make you change your answer to 10.

Have the best Thursday.

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