September 13, 2019


It’s Friday so we’re listening to something more upbeat, and we have a guest recommendation from Jarrod Dicker. Jarrod is an executive at the Washington Post and began his career in media as a music critic. He’s introduced the Flow State staff to several obscure, amazing records.

Music is infinite. Music is eternal. No matter how deep you dig you will never hit the bottom. No matter how long ago a song was written, it's new until it's heard. There is no right and no wrong. That sense of discovery and boundlessness is why I love the band Phish. I spend a lot of time listening and seeing Phish (close to 200 shows – I feel like an underperformer) and it's never the same. The songs, the compositions, the jams (yes, the JAMS!), the places to speed up, the places to slow down – are always different. Phish has played over 1,600 shows in their 30+ year career and never repeated a set list.

For those who follow Phish, you know how exploratory, blissful, frightening, and explosive a song can be. To you, I say welcome back. I have something fun for you. For those who don't yet know how much they love Phish, we're happy that you're here. The mix I chose is called “Space Funk 3.0.” It's a mix of YouTuber SNES Chalmer's favorite “Space Jams & Funk” over the course of the band's 3.0 era. (Phish took hiatus twice.) The tracklist is broken out in the notes, but don't skip anything. Each element is unique and worth it. Don't believe me, just read the comments:

"Please take this down. I can't stop listening to it and its ruining my life."

"I've attempted to stop listening to this, but nothing is happening."

"My name is Mr. Funk and I approve this message."

Space Funk 3.0 by Phish (180m) YouTube

Have a great Phriday.

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