March 17, 2020

Good morning. We have a free recommendation today instead of our usual Tuesday subscribers-only podcast, because we thought you all could use more some music this week.

Today we’re listening to Photay, a producer based in Brooklyn. He released some of our favorite electronic songs of the 2010s (“No Sass” and “Reconstruct” among them), but today we’re playing his new ambient album and mix. Yesterday he released an ambient album called On Hold, which takes recordings of hold music and slows them down to create beautiful lofi focus music. He wrote, “I felt an urgency to self-release this project ahead of schedule as the concept feels very relevant to the current state of our world. Most of our lives are currently on hold.” It’s only available on Bandcamp and 100% of the proceeds go to Food Bank for New York City in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re also including his recent “NODRUMS” mix, which is a pretty descriptive title.

On Hold by Photay (50m, 🗣 momentary vocals at the beginning of some tracks) Bandcamp

NODRUMS Vol. 3 by Photay (80m, 🗣 buncha vocals) SoundCloud

Have a good Tuesday.