Page McConnell

Today we have a guest recommendation from Peter Bucciarelli, a physician from New Orleans.

We're listening to Page McConnell's Maybe We're The Visitors. Page is best known for his work as the keyboardist for the seminal American jam/rock band Phish since 1985. Although no stranger to creating layers of interlocking melodies, pads and atmospheric soundscapes as a component of Phish's legendary improvisations, his solo work has until now explored electronic jazz fusion (as bandleader in Vida Blue), keyboard-based rock (his eponymous record), funk (with members of The Meters in The Meter Men) and even imaginary scores for non-existent films.  

A trip to Iceland in January 2020 sent him in a new direction, recording

fully electronic pieces created on location, in response to the epic landscapes, dramatic weather, and geologic fury that he experienced in Iceland [...] Maybe We’re The Visitors is the result: an imaginary voyage charged with eyewitness awe and intense, solitary reflection; expressed without lyrics, vocals or any sign of piano, organ or clavinet. (source)

Maybe We're The Visitors - Page McConnell (40m, no vocals)
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Additionally, we're playing two fan-made compilations of Phish's ambient jams:

Clouds - An Ambient Phish Mix (100m)

Sunken Caves - An Ambient Phish Mix (80m)

Have a great Thursday.