October 9, 2019

Nino Rota

Today we have a guest recommendation from Andrew Kamphey. Andrew is the curator and editor of Influence Weekly, a newsletter about the influencer marketing industry.

I was put on to composer Nino Rota by David Byrne's monthly radio playlist. Byrne just happens to be my favorite human being. He's a cultural sieve who collects the best music from around the world and curates it into a monthly playlist, intended for open offices. In the past he's created playlists on topics like eclectic holiday music and middle-eastern disco funk.

As Byrne explains, Nino Rota is "best known for the scores he did for the Fellini movies – from the ethereal glass harmonica in Casanova to the circus surrealism of 8½." Rota's work is "slightly romantic and sentimental – surrealism with heart." This allows brainwaves to be stimulated in just the right way to avoid distraction.

This playlist of Rota's work stretches from Italian cinema to many films I do not know. That separation allows the music to inspire and energize me without my mind wandering to the visuals imprinted from memory like other soundtracks.

David Byrne Presents: Masters of Soundtracks Nino Rota (60m, 🗣 occasional spoken/choral vocals) Mixcloud

Have an excellent Wednesday.

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