October 24, 2019

John Also Bennett

Good morning.

Today we're listening to John Also Bennett, a composer and synth player based in Brooklyn, NY. This year he released his first solo LP, Erg Herbe, under the name JAB. It’s one of our favorite discoveries in recent months. The album blends organic and synthetic sounds brilliantly, with floating melodies and intriguing 7th chords. If you have 44 minutes we would recommend meditating to it. We’ve also included a mix Bennett recorded, which collects his influences and may lead to favorite discoveries yet.

Erg Herbe by John Also Bennett (40m) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Bandcamp

Appel D’Air Mix Vol. 2 by John Also Bennett (60m) Mixcloud

Have a joyous Thursday.

🦌 🦌 🦌