November 6, 2019

Mac McCaughan & Mary Lattimore

Today we have a guest recommendation from Armando Bellmas, who runs the excellent newsletter What Do I Listen To Today.

In the fall of 2016, I invited Mac McCaughan of Superchunk to perform in a series of performances I was producing called New Frequencies, at McColl Center in Charlotte, NC. Mac had been experimenting with synthesizers and samplers and had ideas he wanted to stretch out. He also wanted to collaborate with harpist Mary Lattimore, so this was an ideal opportunity. The performance took place in spring 2017 in the gallery at McColl Center, the artist residency and contemporary art space where I work, surrounded by an exhibition of imaginative sculptures by artist Dustin Farnsworth. Mac’s synths, with their wood panels and wires, and Mary’s harp looked as if they, too, were artworks in the exhibition. The two humans among the wood, steel, strings, lines, and curves were what gave away that music was being made in the room. The musicians focused on their instruments, occasionally looking at each other, then back at their keys, knobs, and strings. The audience listened in reverence and attention. Every sound was new and intentional, filled with potential. It was an evening of exciting and wonderful music, documented on the album released earlier this year, New Rain Duets.

New Rain Duets by Mac McCaughan and Mary Lattimore (40m) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Bandcamp / Tidal

Have a wonderful Wednesday.