Nala Sinephro

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Today we’re listening to Nala Sinephro, a Caribbean-Belgian harpist, composer, and modular synth player based in London. Thank you to Edward for the recommendation. Sinephro released her debut LP, Space 1.8, on Warp Records earlier this month. It’s a beautiful ambient jazz record, creating shimmering atmospheres with harp and synth over which friends from the UK jazz scene perform mellow loops and the occasional solo. “Space 1.8 is a deeply restorative addition to 2021’s auditory first aid kit,” wrote the Guardian. We’re also including a Bandcamp exclusive Sinephro put out via NTS which captures a live performance with a drummer and synth bassist.

Space 1.8 - Nala Sinephro (40m, no vocals)
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Live at Real World Studios with Edward Wakili​-​Hick & Dwayne Kilvington - Nala Sinephro (20m, no vocals)

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