May 30, 2019


Good morning.

Today we're listening to Clark, the second of three musicians on Warp Records we're featuring this week as part of the label's 30th anniversary. Clark has put out eleven full-length releases on Warp since 2001. His style has changed a ton since then. The connecting idea is using software to express new feelings in electronic music. Today we're playing three of his more recent albums. The Last Panthers, the calmest of today's recommendations, is full of "icy soundscapes," as Apple Music put it. It's the soundtrack to a 2016 crime thriller that ran on Sundance TV (we missed it). It's a beautiful, slow-burn soundtrack reminiscent of Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross. Next we have Iradelphic, an opus spanning folk, techno, grunge, ambient, soundtrack, and more. Lastly we have Clark, his eponymous LP from 2014, which alternates between hard techno and ambient. That album is for those of you who want to be in a club while at work.

The Last Panthers by Clark (50m) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Tidal

Iradelphic by Clark (40m, 🗣 just on "Secret" and "Ghosted") Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Tidal

Clark by Clark (50) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Tidal

Have a good day y'all.

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