May 3, 2019

Sama' & Jazar Crew

Good morning.

It’s Friday so we’re playing something more upbeat. Today we’re listening to two sets from Palestinian DJs Sama’ and Jazar Crew. Sama’s set is vocal-free techno and gets clubby toward the end. Jazar Crew’s set spans many genres – dub, R&B, trap, drum n bass, etc. – and the many vocals are in arabic. The sets were played as part of Boiler Room Palestine. Our favorite comment on one of the YouTube videos is from Peter K: “I love how in every techno party across the world, the people, moves and vibe are the same :)”

Sama’ for Boiler Room (60m) SoundCloud / YouTube

Jazar Crew for Boiler Room (50m) SoundCloud / YouTube

Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend.

☮️ ☮️ ☮️