March 8, 2019

Anthony Naples & Eclair Fifi

Good morning.

Since it’s Friday we’re listening to something upbeat. We’re longtime fans of Beats in Space radio, a weekly program broadcasting out of New York University. Beats in Space recently featured two DJs we love, Anthony Naples and Eclair Fifi. We’ve previously featured Naples, whose recent albums oscillate between ambient and house. Eclair Fifi plays all kinds of music and finds an ineffable throughline between them.

Beats in Space #979 by Anthony Naples (70m, 🗣️ in first 3m and last 10m) SoundCloud

Beats in Space #980 by Eclair Fifi (70m, 🗣️ on a couple songs) SoundCloud

Have the best day today and an amazing weekend.

🐭 🐭 🐭