March 4, 2019

Chazz, Les Gabriel LaHeart, and Brian Hand

Good morning.

Today we’re listening to selections from Sounds of the Dawn. Their YouTube channel features dozens of rare tapes from the ‘80s and ‘90s. We chose three that we found to be good for working. Refuge puts the listener in nature using outdoor samples and silky guitar. Moment of Heaven combines meditative flute with staticky samples. Hand over Hand almost exclusively uses percussive instruments, played at a tempo faster than the other two records.

Refuge by Chazz (50m) YouTube

Moment of Heaven by Les Gabriel LaHeart (60m) YouTube

Hand Over Hand by Brian Hand (60m) YouTube

Last week we sent the personalized subscriber mix on Tuesday, which we heard was better because it allowed everyone to get Flow State music on Monday, when it’s needed most. We’ll stick to that.

Have a great day at work today.

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