March 29, 2019

Avalon Emerson

Good morning.

It’s Friday, so we’re listening to something more upbeat. We’re playing sets from Avalon Emerson, a Berlin-based DJ. As a software developer, she brings a programmer’s love of order to her selection and mixing of music. Here we recommend her BBC1 Essential Mix, which is in line with previous Flow State Friday recommendations. The other two live sets are more warehouse-rave style sets that are for the intensest workers among you. Hat-tip to our subscriber Markus on the recommendation.

BBC1 Essential Mix by Avalon Emerson (120m, 🗣️ some vocals around 1:24:00) SoundCloud

Live at Mutek Mexico by Avalon Emerson (110m, 🗣️ occasional vocal samples) SoundCloud

Live at Printworks London by Avalon Emerson (130m, 🗣️ vocals every 10m or so) SoundCloud

Have a really good Friday today and a lovely weekend.

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