March 25, 2019

Boards of Canada

Good morning.

Today we’re listening to Boards of Canada. They’re two Scottish brothers named Marcus and Michael. They’ve put out several brilliant and beautiful electronic records since their LP debut in 1998. Their music is sample-driven, contemplative, and nostalgia-inducing. They use vocal samples a lot, but you can skip them pretty easily. We recommend The Campfire Headphase, our personal favorite, first because it has the fewest vocals.

The Campfire Headphase by Boards of Canada (60m, 🗣️ occasionally) Spotify / Apple Music / Google Play / YouTube

Geogaddi by Boards of Canada (70m, 🗣️ infrequent vocal samples) Spotify / Apple Music / Google Play / YouTube

Music Has the Right to Children by Boards of Canada (70m, 🗣️ vocal samples throughout) Spotify / Apple Music / Google Play / YouTube

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