March 14, 2019

Kuniyuki Takahashi

Good morning.

Today we’re listening to Kuniyuki Takahashi, a Japanese composer, producer, and sound engineer. The record label Music from Memory published his rediscovered “early tape works” last year. These recordings capture early explorations of synths and samples, with the occasional drum loop presaging a career in dance music. Feather World, which came out in 2013, features collaborations with jazz musicians and singers, and is for those of you looking for something faster and genre-spanning.

Early Tape Works 1986-1993, Vol. I by Kuniyuki Takahashi (40m, 🗣️ on the second half of the album) Spotify / Apple Music / Google Play / YouTube

Early Tape Works 1986-1993, Vol. II by Kuniyuki Takahashi (40m) Spotify / Apple Music / Google Play / Bandcamp

Feather World by Kuniyuki Takahashi (70m, 🗣️ mostly on songs with features) Spotify / Apple Music

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