June 7, 2019

D. Tiffany

Good morning.

Today we’re listening to D. Tiffany, a DJ and producer who’s a major force in the Vancouver dance music scene. Today we’re listening to Rarez 2012-2015, an LP that collects tracks she made during that period. The pieces are minimal techno, almost lofi house well before that subgenre was a thing. She’s a lover of floor toms and short, Tiger & Woods-like vocal samples. We’re also playing two recent D. Tiffany mixes, one for Resident Advisor and another live set played at Brooklyn’s own Lot Radio. RA.667 is clubby techno, and the Lot mix – a b2b with Roza Terenzi – begins with slow, cavernous sounds that accelerate and accrete into dance music. A note about mixes: Mixes are an interesting artistic unit, something that hasn’t really existed until recently, when live DJ performances could be recorded and distributed. We recommend processing them as you would albums.

Rarez 2012-2015 by D. Tiffany (60m, 🗣 unobtrusive short vocal samples) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Bandcamp / Tidal

RA.667 by D. Tiffany (80m) SoundCloud

D. Tiffany & Roza Terenzi @ The Lot Radio, August 8 2018 (120m, 🗣 some tracks with vocals toward the end) YouTube

Have a nice Friday and an absolutely lovely weekend y’all.

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