June 27, 2019


Good morning.

Today we’re listening to Leif, a Welsh-born electronic producer. Leif started out in 2004 making techno music. Like other artists featured on Flow State, he drifted from making music for dancing to making music for thinking. You can hear this trajectory play out across his three LPs, which we’re listening to today (in reverse-chronological order). Loom Dream, which came out last week, uses meditative synths, acoustic percussion, and field recordings to build beautiful sound-scenes. Taraxacum, which for some reason is unavailable on major streaming services, has tracks that span the dance-think spectrum. Dinas Oleu, Leif’s 2013 debut and collaboration with Donna Lea, is a collection of solid deep house / IDM tracks. If you like these albums check out Leif’s SoundCloud where he’s posted a dozen DJ mixes.

Loom Dream by Leif (30m, 🗣 some field recordings that feature speech) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Tidal

Taraxacum by Leif (40m) Bandcamp / YouTube Music

Dinas Oleu by Leif (60m) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Tidal

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Have a really lovely day today.

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