June 14, 2019


Good morning.

It’s Friday so we’re listening to something more upbeat. We’re listening to Lane8, on recommendation from our friend Clare. Lane8 is the stage name of Daniel Goldstein, taken from the childhood home address where he made garage rock with his sister. He’s now fairly established, with over 150k Soundcloud followers and regularly touring in large venues. His sets consist mainly of feel-good, mellow techno. The music he plays reminds us most of Jacques Greene and The Blaze, albeit more drawn-out. Today we’re playing the 3+ hour mix he posted on Soundcloud last week. Also, we’re still making our way through the 16 hours of Radiohead we sent you on Wednesday.

Lane 8 Summer 2019 Mixtape (220m, 🗣 some vocals but not much) Soundcloud

Have a really good Friday and a nice weekend.

🌆 🌆 🌆