June 13, 2019

Nico Jaar, Darkside, and Against All Logic

We have a guest recommendation from our subscriber Markus Foerstl, an electrical engineering student from Germany. He loves minimalistic street photography, running and music. Here, Markus shares his favorite music to accompany research and editing photos.

Today we’re listening to three projects by American-Chilean electronic producer Nicolas Jaar. While he is probably most famous for songs like Mi Mujer and El Bandido – cuts that he published to mock the ‘00s trend of European DJs sampling Latin American music – his other solo projects are slow and intimate pieces of electronic music. His debut Space Is Only Noise is my personal favorite, but the subtle but danceable tunes of the Nymphs are worth listening to as well. Secondly, Darkside, Jaar’s collaboration with guitarist Dave Harrington, creates music that sounds like The Doors if they had incorporated electronic sounds into their music. While one can hear Nico’s footprint, Harrington’s guitar adds a new dimension of groove and rock to it. Check out their live performance at Pitchfork Festival 2016 and their Boiler Room Set (note the Black Sabbath cover at the end). Lastly, in 2018, Nico delivered 2012-2017, released under the alias Against All Logic. In it, he turns to a funky yet subtle approach to house music, featuring samples of soul and jazz and heavy basslines. It’s easily one of the best electronic albums from last year and a pleasure to work to if you are more into something funky and upbeat.

Space Is Only Noise by Nico Jaar (40m, 🗣 occasional vocals, mostly spoken) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Tidal

Nymphs by Nico Jaar (50m, 🗣 occasional vocal samples) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Tidal

Pyschic by Darkside (50m, 🗣 plenty of vocals) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Tidal

2012-2017 by Against All Logic (70m, 🗣 plenty of vocal samples) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Tidal

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