June 12, 2019


Good morning.

Today we're listening to Radiohead. Yesterday, lead guitarist Jonny Greenwood announced that a hacker had stolen private recordings from the band’s OK Computer era (1995-1998). In response, the band decided to release the material themselves and give all proceeds to Rebellion Earth. The 16 hours of material, which you can stream/buy on Bandcamp, consists of studio and live performances, plus random bits of field recordings Thom made. If any of these songs means anything to you, hearing them in their primitive, raw, draft form somehow renews and doubles their power. Acknowledging that we are recommending music published because of a crime, we find these tapes inspirational, both because of their content and Radiohead’s strategy in publishing them. Bandcamp user ijustwannafindcoolmusic wrote, "Supporting direct action on climate change AND getting an audio diary of how OK Computer is likely the most sensible thing I've ever spent money on." There’s lots of unreleased original stuff. Two caveats are that the levels are inconsistent, and some tracks are repeated quite a few times. Fortunately there’s 17 other hour-long tracks to fast forward to.

MINIDISCS [HACKED] by Radiohead (975m, 🗣 lots of Thom Yorke) Bandcamp

This will probably be the most alienating recommendation we make. Don’t worry, tomorrow we’ve got a guest recommendation that returns to normal. For a minute there, we lost ourselves…

Have a really good day today,

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