July 19, 2019

Peggy Gou

Good morning.

It’s Friday so we’re listening to something more upbeat. Today we’re listening to Peggy Gou, Korean DJ and producer. In 2014, her friend on Facebook introduced her to Ableton, and she made her first track soon after. Since then, she’s become an in-demand DJ around the world, playing Boiler Room, Beats in Space, and many festivals. Even the New York Times is on it. A few weeks ago she released a DJ-Kicks album, on which she mixes her acid-house and techno influences, and includes that first 2014 Ableton track, “Hungboo.” We personally discovered Gou via her hit “It Makes You Forget” on YouTube, which now has 7M views. In addition to the DJ-Kicks record, we’re listening to a chillout mix she posted to her SoundCloud in 2014, her Beats in Space mix from 2017, and her Once EP from last year.

DJ-Kicks by Peggy Gou (70m, 🗣 on several tracks) Spotify / Apple Music / Tidal

110 bpm chillout mix by Peggy Gou (70m, 🗣 at 27:00 and 48:00 to the end) SoundCloud

Beats In Space #880 by Peggy Gou (70m, 🗣 at several points including the interview at the end) YouTube / Beats in Space

Once EP by Peggy Gou (20m, 🗣 on tracks 1 and 3) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Google Play / Tidal

Have a great Friday and the best weekend.

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