Joep Beving

Good morning. We’re back.

Today we’re listening to Joep Beving, a Dutch pianist and composer. Beving’s first few albums were solo piano, featuring pieces he composed on a German piano inherited from his grandmother. He’s cited influences both contemporary (Radiohead) and classical (Chopin, Scriabin). On his most recent LP, 2019’s Henosis, Beving expands to orchestral and electronic instruments, fleshing out his “simple music for complex emotions,” as he describes it. “If you see music as a living organism,” he said, “then it is not unthinkable that it has its own innate inclination to continue to exist and enhance itself.” The deluxe edition of Henosis runs two hours and is like a musical movie.

Henosis (Deluxe) - Joep Beving (120m, no vocals)
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