Gai Barone

Good morning.

It’s Friday so we’re listening to something more upbeat. Today we’re listening to Gai Barone, an Italian house music producer from Sicily. We discovered his work from his 2021 album Esperanza, which was inspired by New York Times reporter Ian Urbina’s book Outlaw Ocean. The book is about our oceans’ state of nature and the Hobbesian behavior it surfaces. Barone’s musical interpretation is cinematic and dancey at the same time, as if soundtracking the important club scene in a good action movie. We’re also playing his 2018 record, Towards, which offers straightforward Italo house techno music.

Esperanza - Gai Barone (60m, vocals only at the end of track 3 and beginning of track 6)
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Towards - Gai Barone (110m, vocoder on track 2, vox samples on track 6, and vocals on track 14)
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Have a really nice Friday.