February 15, 2019


Good morning.

Since it’s Friday we’re listening to something more upbeat. Today we’re playing DJ sets from Breakbot, a French producer/DJ most known for his single “Baby I’m Yours”. Specifically we’re listening to two recent sets, in which he plays disco classics and edits.

Breakbot x Triple J (60m, 🗣️ throughout) SoundCloud

Mixmag In Session: Breakbot (60m, 🗣️ throughout) SoundCloud

Thank you to those who wrote in about your email send time preferences. Many of you requested to receive this email earlier so that it’s available when you start work. We also learned that many of you are located in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

As a result, we’ll start sending these emails at 1AM ET.

We chose 1AM ET because that’s the send time that would get us in the most inboxes before the workday starts.

Reply back to this email if you have thoughts on this plan. We review every email sent to our inbox (mc@flowstate.fm).

Have a great day at work today.

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