OMG --- she is AMAZING. I've been listening to musique concrete and electronic music for close to 40 years, and had never heard of Radigue until 2019, when her Trilogie de la Mort came to my attention.

In November that year, I happened to be NYC for a conference, and one night, lying in my hotel bedroom, I searched for interesting live music that I might see the following night or two. To my astonishment, it turns out there was a performance of Trilogie de la Mort going on, right then, literally 3 blocks from me ---- but I'd just about missed it. It was 10pm already, and it had started at 8. Damn. One of the big musical regrets of my life.

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Mar 20Liked by Flow State

Shifting multicolored textures. Without beats or silences, yet ever-changing. First time I've found something with these properties almost too involving for focus music - but I enjoy it. Warm-neutral complex drone. The music invites, but not over-enthusiastically.

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