December 26, 2018

Thomas Newman, Air, & Cookin Soul x MF Doom

Good morning, and welcome to new subscribers.

At the office we’ve been playing this game where someone plays a song and people have to guess the movie it’s from. So we’ve been listening to a lot of soundtracks, and in the process we’ve rediscovered some great ones.

In honor of all of you spending good time in the suburbs, we’ve picked three focus-friendly soundtracks from movies set there.

American Beauty by Thomas Newman (40m) Spotify / Apple Music

Little Children by Thomas Newman (40m)

The Virgin Suicides by Air (40m) Spotify / Apple Music

If you are not working today, we also have something for you. This may not help with focus, but it’s Christmas-themed, it just came out, and it’s awesome:

Doom Xmas by MF Doom x Cookin Soul (20m)

Lastly, if you’d like to play the game we mentioned at the top of the post, check it out (on desktop only!) here: Sound on.

Have a great day at work today.