December 12, 2018

William Basinski & Lone

Good morning,

Welcome to new subscribers. This email is not just

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together, figuring out how to focus.

Please reply directly to this message with your

thoughts on what helps and doesn't help you work.

If you discover a track that's good for working,

send it to me and I may feature it to the group

(with credit of course).

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Today we have the usual two-hour package, plus a

bonus hour.

William Basinski - Watermusic I (1 hr)

Williams Basinski - Watermusic II (1 hr)

Watermusic was released in 2000 by Basinski, who

was heavily inspired by a musician featured earlier

this week, Brian Eno.

The extra hour today is provided by Lone, a UK

DJ and producer. This is for people who prefer

more upbeat working music.

Someone recently compared listening to Lone's music

to playing the Rainbow Road level of Mario Kart 64.

Lone on Dekmantel (1 hr)

Thank you for reading. When you play this music,

know that you are committing to two hours of focus,

and the rest of us are right there with you.

Good luck at work today.