Corntuth (Flow State Records 002)

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Good morning.

Today we’re listening to Flow State Records’ second release, the sophomore album from Corntuth, a Brooklyn-based ambient producer. The Desert Is Paper Thin blends country and ambient, primarily acoustic guitar and the cosmic emanations of a 1983 Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. The album takes inspiration from artists like Marisa Anderson and William Tyler, and features pedal steel from Nashville’s Pete Finney. “I always wanted to pair the DX7 with pedal steel, because I think they're the two loneliest sounding instruments there are,” said Corntuth. We’re also playing their debut LP, Music To Work To, which came out last fall and consists of 13 improvisations made on the DX7.

The Desert Is Paper Thin - Corntuth (40m, no vocals)
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Music To Work To - Corntuth (40m, no vocals)
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We’ve also got a new T-shirt to celebrate the album launch.

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