Good morning.

Today we’re listening to Biosphere, an electronic/ambient project from Norwegian musician Geir Jenssen. Thanks to Lykele for recommending Biosphere and Christian for recommending the album Substrata. First we’re playing the new Biosphere record, Angel’s Flight, which came out in January and consists mostly of synth requiems. In David Toop’s excellent history of ambient music, Ocean of Sound, Jenssen is quoted advocating for active listening of ambient music. We’re actively listening as well to Biosphere’s 1997 record Substrata + Man with a Movie Camera, which is made up of spooky synths, field recordings, and FM transmissions.

Angel’s Flight - Biosphere (40m, no vocals)
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Substrata + Man with a Movie Camera - Biosphere (130m, some spoken vocal snippets)
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Have a great start to your week.