August 23, 2019

Octo Octa

Good morning.

It’s Friday so we’re listening to something more upbeat. We’re playing Octo Octa, a DJ and producer based in Brooklyn. Her pinned tweet speaks to our criteria for Friday artists: “Good DJs make dance music still feel like a secret.” We’re playing a recent mix she did for MixMag that’s a tour through house music history. And we’re playing her amazing 2017 LP, Where Are We Going?, which would be good for those of you who are more vocal-sensitive. Let us know what you think by hitting reply.

“I Wanna Tell You A Little Story About House” by Octo Octa (70m, 🗣 vocal samples throughout) SoundCloud

Where Are We Going? by Octo Octa (60m, 🗣 some non-distracting vocal samples on tracks 5 & 6) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Google Play / Tidal

Have a really good Friday and a fantastic weekend.

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