April 11, 2019

Alex Kozobolis

Good morning.

Today we’re listening to Alex Kozobolis, a classical composer and pianist based in London. We’re continuing with our theme of Max Richter-like ambient piano music this week. Kozobolis’s compositions take pop chord progressions and build beautiful arpeggios, melodies, and improvisational solos on top of them. The music makes you think of scenes – from real life and from movies – so it makes sense that Kozobolis is also a filmmaker and photographer. His albums run a bit short, so we’ve added a compilation that Kozobolis is featured on, which also includes some other great ambient/classical composers.

Alex Kozobolis by Alex Kozobolis (30m) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube / Bandcamp

Weightless by Alex Kozobolis (30m) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube / Bandcamp

Vol. II by Unknown Tone Records (90m) Bandcamp

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Good luck at work today.

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