Alain Goraguer

October 22, 2020

Good morning.

Today we’re listening to Alain Goraguer, a French jazz pianist. In the ‘60s and ‘70s Goraguer composed and arranged for Serge Gainsbourg. Solo, Goraguer composed film scores, notably 1973’s La Planète Sauvage. The 40-minute instrumental soul/funk score has been sampled by J Dilla, Madlib, Flying Lotus, De La Soul, DJ Shadow… you name it. It’s a beautiful, mysterious collection of short instrumentals. Listening through, you may experience moments of sample recognition. It’s the only real LP of his widely available on streaming, but if you listen we don’t think you’ll feel short-changed by Flow State today.

La Planète Sauvage by Alain Goraguer (40m, no lyrics)
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Have a really great Thursday.