May 16 • 5M

Flow State Episode 178

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Good morning.

Today’s mix opens with a bunch of recent ambient tracks by Michiru Aoyama, KMRU, and Masahiro Takahashi. There’s a classical interlude consisting of two pieces by Debussy (whom the late Ryuichi Sakamoto loved) and Clara Rockmore’s theremin performance of “Summertime” by George Gershwin. We play a few guitar instrumentals from Jack Wilkins, Sam Gendel, Dif Juz, and Daft Punk (from their new Random Access Memories 10-year anniversary edition). Then we excerpt some pieces from the Final Fantasy X soundtrack and Junya Nakano’s solo work, which was recommended by Mac DeMarco in this very newsletter yesterday. We wrap with more upbeat tracks by Memotone, Pierre Rousseau, and µ-Ziq. We hope you enjoy.

0:00:00 - Michiru Aoyama - mari

0:02:59 - Metric System 1981 - Sky #20200224p

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