June 18, 2019


Good morning.

Today we’re listening to Fourcolor. Fourcolor is one of several monikers that belong to the electronic composer Keiichi Sugimoto. Sugimoto founded the eclectic Tokyo record label Cubic Music, and his own music spans many genres, including ambient, techno, glitch, and pop. We’re playing two of his Fourcolor records today. Air Curtain and Letter of Sounds consists of soft, floating synth meditations. It sounds like Sugimoto is carefully pressing tones on his keyboard to see how they interact. Just watch out for “AE” on the first album and “Fountain” on the second: their stop-start rhythms might interrupt your train of thought. Otherwise we found these albums to be beautiful soundscapes for concentration.

Air Curtain by Fourcolor (50m) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Tidal

Letter of Sounds by Fourcolor (50m, 🗣 light vocals on “Rowboat”) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Tidal

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Have a really nice day today.

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