Jun 6 • 10M

Flow State Episode 181

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Good morning.

Today’s mix opens with a choral piece, “Hymn of the Cherubim,” which was recently recommended on Herb Sundays by Kevin Kelly, who cites the track as his go-to writing music. That’s followed by ambient pieces from William Basinski, Imaginary Softwoods, and Billow Observatory. There’s some new classical from Philip Glass as well as harp performances by Lavinia Meijer and Brandee Younger. There’s a detour into lounge music by Hammond organ pioneer Jackie Davis, drummer Tony Kinsey, and contemporary keyboardist John Carroll Kirby. We close out with Soichi Terada and Sarah Pagé. We hope you enjoy.

0:00:00 - USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir - Hymn of the Cherubim

0:07:30 - William Basinski - 92982.3

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