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Flow State Episode 162

Flow State Episode 162

Good morning.

Today’s mix opens with an Oliver Coates composition from the Aftersun soundtrack. It’s followed by ambient pieces from Mette Henriette, Tujiko Noriko, and Ryuichi Sakamoto. The middle section has Cole Pulice, Suss, and a couple selections from Mac DeMarco’s new instrumental record. We wrap with selections from Naya Beat Volume 1, Daisuke Tanabe, and Strategy. There’s some Penguin Cafe Orchestra sprinkled throughout. We hope you enjoy.

0:00:00 - Oliver Coates - One Without (from Aftersun OST)

0:03:58 - Mette Henriette - Rue du Renard

0:06:19 - Tujiko Noriko - A Meeting at the Space Station

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