August 7, 2019

Relaxing White Noise

Today we have a guest recommendation from Taylor Lorenz, a reporter at The Atlantic. 

I write about internet culture for a living, which means I'm constantly bombarded by the ping of my phone, or some auto-playing Twitter video. All of this makes it hard to focus when it's time to write. There's one YouTube video I've turned to for years. It's a 10-hour video of Celestial White Noise. The sound quality is good, and there's no weird stuff in the background. Best of all, it's 10 hours long, so I can just pop this video up and write for a whole day. When you play this with headphones on, it feels like you can finally be alone with your thoughts. By the way, this whole channel is 10 hour long videos of different types of white noise and nature sounds. What a gold mine!

Celestial White Noise by Relaxing White Noise (600m) YouTube

Enjoy your Wednesday, April 7, 2019. There’s only one of these.

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